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iPhone4 evoke is ongoing – Daily Mail reported some days before; on the other hand Apple hasn’t announced any plans to evoke such phone; UK publications source announced that it was just a tweet from a fake Twitter account from Steve Jobs.

As @ceoSteveJobs is a parody twitter account – even if you don’t read the bio, it should have been apparent from the tweets, which comprise lines like

“Be careful not to leave your #iPhone4 at the Genius Bar on the way out of the store. Gizmodo might pick it up,”

Well, its really rigid to imaging that Apple didn’t knew about the signal issue as Daily Mail heaved the original story with a state that this recall was coming; and all the issues that users having with the signal loss when the new iPhone4 is in the way.  The concerned persons and engineers at the company doubtless declared that do not expect a recall for that reason.



Don’t be amazed this not the first time something happened that Daily Mail published story only on the basis on a tweet from a fake account;

That’s why twitter has been implemented a system for verifying the accounts; of the vital people and publications



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