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On New Apple iPhone iOS4, Bing was added as an alternative for the default search engines, but in case when Google is the search engine and we try to browse on Bing or Yahoo is will prompt you to switch to one’s individual search engine!! And if you will click Okay, the switch will be happened in an instance.

How to switch?

When it comes to change search providers on the normal browser toolbars it is not as trouble-free but on iPhone it can happen without a user really thinking about it. Gaze below intensely:

If you are using iPhone iOS4; go to, perform some search; message prompt “Google is my current Search Provider”


Apparently, A Yahoo representative told:

This is a Yahoo! Search feature, and not specific to the new iPhone OS. If you conduct a search on the iPhone/iPod through Yahoo!, and have another default search engine set on the browser, we’ll prompt the user to see if they’d like to make Yahoo! Search default. If the user selects no, they won’t see the message again.

This is something that was enabled on the iPhone in November of 2009; and tested it earlier in 2008/2009, and then re-enabled it after last year’s Yahoo! mobile homepage launch.



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