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Some days earlier a very interesting article “Inside Facebook” has been posted i.e. very interesting interview with Mark Zuckerberg- Founder and CEO of the facebook.

He discussed and carve up some future of Facebook and his thoughts on the social gaming, social business that is promoting among the competitors, dynamic developers that are working efficiently etc he also proceeds his consultation by influential Facebook revenues also states that estimates that Facebook would make between $1 and $1.1 billion this year “are not so far off in either direction that it’s causing us any pain…”


Futher more he portray on the revenue that is generated in the past one year from the Facebook; has not yet been met by any type of undesirable effects from the analyst speculation.

By referring the generally value of Facebook he said “in general, I think people underestimate the value of the whole thing” and Facebook would approved people and make certain them for their over buoyant anticipation the estimates were too high.



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