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The most shocking news has been announced by Verizon and Motorola that they will be legitimately inaugurating the latest and utmost version of the Droid on June 23, this news will affect significantly because after a day iPhone 4 is line up to appear in Apple stores around the U.S.

Android devices and Droid in terms of sales are performing very powerfully; indeed many handsets are so well-liked that it can’t maintain end users demand. But still endeavoring to steal Apple’s boom in a plucky mood. On the other hand iPhone 4 has a great likeness by many fans, the only thing to be disenchantment as their enormous numbers take down and AT&T servers.

What will be happen next?

Will the new Droid`s richly deserved exposure will be obscure when the iPhone 4 will be launch on the next day?? Or we should give time and deliberation to the Droid X because we have already learnt and seen enough about iPhone??



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