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According to the new study from Exact Target, email and Social media marketing company; how an individual starts his digital day ; because it really mean a lot that how one starts his day

If checking email is the first priority for an individual then it seems to be more task-oriented and the only interaction with the brands are just for the sake of getting help in research such as any deal etc , or finding new product information or any information regarding the personal use or business transaction.

Whereas, if any person starts his day by visiting Face book then he/she is not only bound with the business deals or products but also interacting with extra circular activities from any brands or for any entertainment.

Let’s walk around on the below survey:

  • For 11% of United State online consumer Facebook is 1st destination.
  • Approximately more than 50% United State online consumers check their email before visiting any other websites when they start the day
  • Of daily Facebook users, 69% “like” at least one company or brand.
  • 68% of daily Twitter users follow at least one brand on the service.
  • 43% of all American Internet users are either fans or followers of at least one brand on Twitter or Facebook.



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