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Digitally Created Caricatures

Creating caricatures is a manual concept but with the passage of time and dawn of emerging computer technologies and graphic design this concept is now changed and we can create caricatures of our favorite celebrities or can create digital caricature es out of photos.

What’s Caricatures?

No matter how it is designed but every art is merit exalted; caricatures are the most contentious form of art work; it’s basically defines the warp of a person or some comical mock, or to intensify the high-flying features of a character and to create a cartoon like image. The best way to utilize spare time for graphic designers is making caricatures.

How to Create?

Although there are many ways to digitally create caricatures some of which include Photoshop Manipulation. For your motivation here is an assortment of celebrity caricatures.

Some of them are digitally created caricatures but come are not photo shopped pictures


Comical Caricatures


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