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Major issues contiguous fonts and the web are convoluted Google is on tenterhooks to make ease for the developers and to amalgamate more typefaces into their designs. So, Google divulge the Google Font Directory and the Google Font API to help bring dynamic and selective typefaces to the web.

Like Typekit and Fontdeck; Google’s cross-browser is related which provides users with a library of available fonts which can easily embedded into their sites. Whereas, Typekit has lots of commercial foundries and offers affordably for those designers.

Google Font API can be included into websites using moreover HTML or using a JavaScript WebFont Loader it’s a unique Google’s solution and co-developed with Typekit. Google’s solution is an open source although it isn’t stout as some rival solutions but fonts in the library can be downloaded and printed.

No Doubt, Typekit provides tremendous solution for consumer user and I expect Google’s new Font API will help additional the grounds of improving type on the web.



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