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As far as we have learnt a new reformation shift has been take place in Yahoo for its search team. Yahoo refused to comment on the people that are affected; giving the following statement; Yahoo also corroborate that there are dismiss in Search Group.

“Yahoo! remains focused on innovating the overall Search experience over the long-term, and the Yahoo! Search group is hard at work on some new experiences that we believe will convert Yahoo! users to Yahoo! searchers. To accomplish our new product objectives, we have decided that we need a different combination of talent and are making changes within the search group in order to more deeply invest in other areas of the group. “

A counterfeit deal that was taken place between Yahoo and Microsoft last year is to outsource Yahoo’s search engine to Bing, It’s ambiguous if the layoffs are directly related to the deal, but it seems likely to be happen.

Beforehand Yahoo apprehended a major round of layoffs last spring, when it cut 5% of its staff, or around 700 people. Later on search deal was proclaimed, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz to future layoffs as a result of the amalgamation.



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