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After deep analysis, Facebook has released insights dashboard which contains user choice, “Likes,” shares and re shares. This is basically designed for the publishers, page owners which are using the social plug-in and application developers; this highlights Facebook sharing behavior and creates graphs and charts off the site

From the option “Liked”; user can envision top level information as well as graphs that are created insights can be saved, printed and viewed effortlessly. The basic importance of the designing the insight dashboard is to demonstrate publishers and application developers that profoundly users are adopting new instant Personalization feature.

Feedback on stream stories and other momentous data in which any user is affianced can easily be track by the Application developers

The Domain administrators are responsible to get the information of the users that are associated with the domain with a user ID, Page view detailed; no matter if anonymous user , demographic data can be obtained from each domain. Demographic data enclosed gender, age, city, language etc

No doubt, its elegant upgrade that will help business-oriented Facebook users evaluate evolution surrounded by social network and on their individual pages.



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