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WWDC publicize new exhilarating iPhone’s operation System, iOS4

About OS:

OS will be revolve out with new iPhone 4 next month; previously OS restrain 100 new , upgraded and improved features as well, the new invention will also be available as a free software on earlier devices like iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and second and third generation iPod touch with 32GB or 64GB storage.

Steve Jobs would not has the enough time to compile all the new enhancements like app gifting, wireless keyboard support etc, but Jobs, mentioned in his keynote that these new features has been emphasized in the iOS’s i.e. multitasking, iBooks, advertising and file management.

Some days back in April, we learnt about iOS 4 ; we already knew that multitasking would be the next upcoming feature to iPhone “in a way that doesn’t hinder performance or battery life.” But Now, Jobs inveterate that Pandora and navigation services running in the background parallel with the other apps that were running in the forefront.



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