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We’d be beyond shocked if Apple doesn’t announce a new iPhone next Monday. In all likelihood, it’s going to be almost exactly like the prototype phone that Gizmodo got on its hands on in April. That means it’s going to have a front-facing video camera, HD video recording, an LED flash, and a more industrial look and feel.

It’ll also come loaded with iPhone OS 4.0 and its many features. Multitasking, folders and enterprise features will all come with the new iPhone. We also bet that Apple will also include some video chat software to take advantage of that front-facing camera.

As for the actual release date, a month ago we were told that the new iPhone could be released next week. We’ve been digging for more information since then and, after talking with our sources, we believe the most likely sale date for the new iPhone is now June 25, about three weeks from today.

Predicting the sale date of an Apple product is always tough, but you can expect your local Apple and AT&T stores to have the device before the end of June.

Verizon iPhone?

Don’t expect Apple to say much, if anything, about a Verizon iPhone. There are countless rumors surrounding a potential iPhone collaboration between Apple and Verizon, with launch dates set as later this year to 2012 and beyond. However, recent comments from Verizon suggest that there will be no iPhone in the immediate future.

We haven’t heard much new information on a Verizon iPhone. Our bet is that this event will be focused on the new iPhone itself and that a Verizon iPhone will get its own event later this year. Even if it were to be announced next week, it likely wouldn’t be available this month.

We’re hoping that we’re wrong about the Verizon iPhone, but we suggest you don’t get your hopes up.



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