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Monthly Archives: June 2010

On New Apple iPhone iOS4, Bing was added as an alternative for the default search engines, but in case when Google is the search engine and we try to browse on Bing or Yahoo is will prompt you to switch to one’s individual search engine!! And if you will click Okay, the switch will be happened in an instance.

How to switch?

When it comes to change search providers on the normal browser toolbars it is not as trouble-free but on iPhone it can happen without a user really thinking about it. Gaze below intensely:

If you are using iPhone iOS4; go to, perform some search; message prompt “Google is my current Search Provider”


Apparently, A Yahoo representative told:

This is a Yahoo! Search feature, and not specific to the new iPhone OS. If you conduct a search on the iPhone/iPod through Yahoo!, and have another default search engine set on the browser, we’ll prompt the user to see if they’d like to make Yahoo! Search default. If the user selects no, they won’t see the message again.

This is something that was enabled on the iPhone in November of 2009; and tested it earlier in 2008/2009, and then re-enabled it after last year’s Yahoo! mobile homepage launch.



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Some days earlier a very interesting article “Inside Facebook” has been posted i.e. very interesting interview with Mark Zuckerberg- Founder and CEO of the facebook.

He discussed and carve up some future of Facebook and his thoughts on the social gaming, social business that is promoting among the competitors, dynamic developers that are working efficiently etc he also proceeds his consultation by influential Facebook revenues also states that estimates that Facebook would make between $1 and $1.1 billion this year “are not so far off in either direction that it’s causing us any pain…”


Futher more he portray on the revenue that is generated in the past one year from the Facebook; has not yet been met by any type of undesirable effects from the analyst speculation.

By referring the generally value of Facebook he said “in general, I think people underestimate the value of the whole thing” and Facebook would approved people and make certain them for their over buoyant anticipation the estimates were too high.


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Come on; now change your life by using the new iPad; which has built-in-apps and can easily be accessible by using large Multi-Touch screen; none other then any gadgets you have these options.

You may use the following options from the new iPad

 You can use the touch screen option and can easily let your fingers do the surfing. iPad is the best way to experience the web. Landscape of portrait of the pages can be seen.

 With a split-screen sight and liberal onscreen keyboard, you can easily touch, read and see your mails

 A vibrant LED-backlit IPS display makes viewing photos on iPad astonishing. You can play the slide show or can view the pictures one by one in it.

 You can watch HD movies, TV shows, podcasts, music videos, and many more stuffs on the iPad’s 9.7-inch high-resolution
Henceforth, iPad grasps everything which you could envision – Be First to own it!! Its is read to purchase and has a lot of valuable purpose


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Nielson deprived some key stats regarding “the most popular apps on different smart phone platforms”. This describes momentarily the usage of different apps like face book, LinkedIn Pandora and Weather Channel. Whereas, noteworthy Apple’s iPod and iTunes apps has not yet been seen on several other platforms

Key Stats of Nielson:

  • 21% of American wireless subscribers have a smartphone at Q4 2009, up from 19% in the previous quarter and significantly higher than the 14% at the end of 2008
  • 14% of mobile subscribers have downloaded an app in the last 30 days
  • Average number of apps: Smartphone: 22, Feature phone: 10
    • BlackBerry: 10
    • iPhone:37
    • Android: 22
    • Palm: 14
    • Windows Mobile: 13
  • Games are the most downloaded – both free and paid
  • Facebook, Google Maps and Weather Channel are the most popular apps across smartphones
    • iPhones: Facebook (58%), iTunes (48%), Google Maps (47%)
    • Android: Google Maps (67%), Facebook (50%), Weather Channel (38%)
    • Blackberry: Facebook (51%), Google Maps(34%), Weather Channel (28%)
  • Social Networking: Facebook clearly favorite app, but MySpace is hugely popular among teens; LinkedIn attracts adults 25-44
  • News/weather: Weather Channel was used by 58%; age distribution across sites was similar, save for Time Mobile and Thomson Reuters
  • Shopping: Amazon and eBay lead (57% and 41%)
  • Search/Map: skew male, particularly Instamapper (80/20)
  • Music: iTunes, Pandora, Sirius XM appeal more to males, while Yahoo Music almost evenly split (51/49)

Above Key Stats describes that to build a better music player and music experience for Android

Google’s should purchase of Simplify Media.


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The most shocking news has been announced by Verizon and Motorola that they will be legitimately inaugurating the latest and utmost version of the Droid on June 23, this news will affect significantly because after a day iPhone 4 is line up to appear in Apple stores around the U.S.

Android devices and Droid in terms of sales are performing very powerfully; indeed many handsets are so well-liked that it can’t maintain end users demand. But still endeavoring to steal Apple’s boom in a plucky mood. On the other hand iPhone 4 has a great likeness by many fans, the only thing to be disenchantment as their enormous numbers take down and AT&T servers.

What will be happen next?

Will the new Droid`s richly deserved exposure will be obscure when the iPhone 4 will be launch on the next day?? Or we should give time and deliberation to the Droid X because we have already learnt and seen enough about iPhone??


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According to the new study from Exact Target, email and Social media marketing company; how an individual starts his digital day ; because it really mean a lot that how one starts his day

If checking email is the first priority for an individual then it seems to be more task-oriented and the only interaction with the brands are just for the sake of getting help in research such as any deal etc , or finding new product information or any information regarding the personal use or business transaction.

Whereas, if any person starts his day by visiting Face book then he/she is not only bound with the business deals or products but also interacting with extra circular activities from any brands or for any entertainment.

Let’s walk around on the below survey:

  • For 11% of United State online consumer Facebook is 1st destination.
  • Approximately more than 50% United State online consumers check their email before visiting any other websites when they start the day
  • Of daily Facebook users, 69% “like” at least one company or brand.
  • 68% of daily Twitter users follow at least one brand on the service.
  • 43% of all American Internet users are either fans or followers of at least one brand on Twitter or Facebook.


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